Shadows of Summer


Shadows of Summer

By Bonnie Compton Hanson

Published by Starik Publishing

What if you found a tarantula in your mailbox? An arrow piercing your front door? Your car stolen? Your pets beaten? Your own lives threatened? All because you have escaped from a vicious cult and want to serve Christ now along with other loving believers!

At the end of the much-acclaimed Christian suspense novel, Songs for a Mockingbird, young Josh and Melinda Currie and their children had escaped imprisonment from their vicious cult leaders and were finally ready for new hope and a new life among friends in a peaceful Iowa town. The all-powerful Prophet and Prophetess, Harve and Agnes Osborn—formerly Josh and Melinda’s classmates--are finally in jail and never able to hurt them again. Or at least that’s what they’ve been told.

Of course, Josh is still in the hospital with critical injuries from their cult leaders’ torture. But after he recovers, their little family can all be together again. Meanwhile, for the first time in their children’s lives, they can enjoy a home of their own, enough food, a warm local church, friends, playmates for the children, a job for Melinda, and a chance for her to reconnect with her long-estranged family.

But then, in this equally suspenseful sequel, things turn deadly wrong. Once again they must fight both their old cult leaders and their leaders’ powerful allies, including a powerful TV evangelist’s organization, a national underground militia, and corrupt local officials. But this time they have friends on their side to help, including their new pastor and church members, their very elderly landlady, a brother Melinda now meets for the very first time—even a surprise tornado!

A real page-turner!




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